Photography has always been a very important part of my life. I grew up in Germany and my first camera was an inexpensive range-finder model with manual controls. This forced me to learn about f-stops and shutter speeds. As a teenager, I loved to experiment: once I placed my camera on a park bench (I didn’t own a tripod then) and left the shutter open for a minute or so – just to see what the film would record. I was totally in awe when the lit street lamp and some light streaks from the moving automobiles actually showed up on the photograph.

Over the years I have visited numerous beautiful places. I truly enjoy being outdoors, trying to capture nature at its best.

In 1998, I became interested in digital photography and began using Photoshop Elements and then upgraded to Photoshop (the “must-use” software for digital photography). Also, I began selling off my ‘film’ cameras and went “totally digital” with a Nikon D100. – Now 12 years later I’m using Photoshop CS5 and the latest version of Adobe Lightroom.
My present equipment consists of a Nikon D90 , a Nikon D200 (with lenses ranging from fish-eye to 300mm) and a Lumix FZ100 for casual travel photography.
My aim is to enhance the images so that they represent ‘what I saw’ when I took the photograph. Our eyes have perfect vision; we see details in a ‘shadow’ which the camera cannot ‘see’ and records it as totally black. I’m trying to overcome these technical limitations and create photographs which are rich in tonal range.
Lately, I have been experimenting with HDR photography. You take 3 or 5 photographs on a tripod with different exposures ranging from under exposed to over exposed and then merge them into 1 image which has all the tonal ranges.
To keep up with the digital world is a never ending challenge. But I love learning new things and trying out new techniques. I hope you enjoy looking at my work.